I don't need a life, I'm high

Rise and rise again until lambs become lions

20. Ask me to rap I dare you. Just a guy who loves a nice ass. 615.



Every Wednesday I will post a new freestyle here



Im a delusional rapper
Quick to spit stomach acid on you bastards
Jackin off with a rope around my neck tied to ceiling rafters
Plastic bag over my head,
Im suffocating, updating my facebook married to masturbating
The barrel of my 12 gauge is my pocket pussy
Dont fuckin push me or Ill shove the handle right up ur tushy
Im losing grip on reality, Im fighting a losing battle
When i was 2 i kept oxys in my rattle,
Then I raped & killed my twin sister after she fucking tattled

Anonymous asked:
you need to chill with the rape stuff brah

No one is forcing you to view my blog “brah”

Anonymous asked:
What is your sexual orientation?


Anonymous asked:
how much anon love do you send yourself a day