I don't need a life, I'm high

Rise and rise again until lambs become lions

20. Ask me to rap I dare you. Just a guy who loves a nice ass. 615.



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Its happening
because I'm packing masculine
Dope In the Fanny pack
I'm an addict, a Junky jacked up on acid habits?
Pass the Roxy tablet, kick back and wait as it works its magic
Purple packin circle bowl of ganja, go get the matches
Hit the gassious smoke, watch it turn me brainless woah.
Imagine naked females evading Earth in space ships
Goodness gracious it'd be tasty to slam my face quick
Grab the lotion madly stroking manly motion rapidly
Then I lost my heart to that alien what a tradgedy.

idk but your face reminds me of Channing Tatum

Lol you’d be surprised on how often I get that actually.

Anonymous asked:
Do girls submit photos of them?

A few have.

Anonymous asked:
Describe your dream girl?

I don’t know I haven’t met her yet.

Anonymous asked:
What are your thoughts on girls with tongue piercings?

I used to dislike them. Now I’m pretty indifferent.

Anonymous asked:
They're for the eggs...

O ok i like eggs

xsho563x asked:
Hi! (: Just wondering, Do you make your beats yourself?

Not particularly. I have before, but I know a lot of people who have contacted me, and or met that are much more amazing at it.